Amber Led Raptor Grill Lights For All Ford Models Raptor Grills

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These LED Front Grille Lights are ideal for giving your Ford a stylish new look. These are durable and bright grid lights. Each lamp has 3 LED lights, enough brightness, more beauty for your car, the grille is not included.

Our lights are made of high quality lightweight and durable ABS material, highly resistant to scratches, water and corrosion and will not fade even exposed to sun and dust for a long time. Amber is the best light you can have for snow trails or at night.

The lights for Raptor grills will give your car a new look on the road. The amber grille light is the best light you can have to illuminate the road. These grille lights come with high intensity LED chips, provide superior amber signal illumination, increase driving safety during day and night.

Perfect fit, no drilling required. Just plug and play. It only takes about 20 minutes to install all the lights.

Choose the model and year of the Raptor grill of your ford. Before purchasing your grill lights, contact us to confirm that the Raptor grill you have is compatible with our lights.


Fit for all our Raptor grills for Ford brand models.

Material: ABS 

Color Lens: Yellow

Color Lights: Amber Lights

The package includes

3x Led Lights

1x Harness Connector


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